This site details my academic work and interests. I’m a geographer, currently finishing a PhD in the Graduate School of Geography  at Clark University. I also work part time as a Lecturer in History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences at the Rhode Island School of Design. My research focuses on business practice, urban planning, and development governance, using a multi-methods research platform including archival study, GIS/spatial statistics, and qualitative fieldwork. On this site you can find a more detailed description of my research/teaching interests and professional experience, samples of my work, and a copy of my (long-form, academic) CV.

My current project examines the impact of 'mega-events' (e.g. Olympics and World Cups) on urban development policymaking. The study is funded by the US National Science Foundation and the International Olympic Committee/Olympic Studies Centre. More information on the project is available on the project blog

My recent paper from the 2014 Association of American Geographers meeting -- "Megaevents bidding as urban development planning" -- is available here. A recent report I wrote for the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Studies Centre -- on legacy planning in unsuccessful Olympic bid cities -- is published on their digital archive. Please feel free to contact me with comments or questions.